Bacon Potato Cheesy Sesame Bing Bread


In February, Mike and I took a quick trip to Chicago – I’m going to be putting up a little photo essay soon, I hope. It wasn’t our first time in the city so we took it pretty easy, basically spending all our time eating and attempting to walk in the snow. On our first night we hit up , a cute place serving up modern Korean-American. Last year  and when I read the description of their signature bing bread, a crispy, pancake-like bread, loaded with potato, bacon, and scallion and served with sour-cream butter for slathering, I just had to make it.

In strange twist of life, I made Parachute’s bing bread before I even set foot in the restaurant. I’m no stranger to bing – it’s the Chinese word for bread and what we tend to call everything that is circular shaped. Cookies are binggan and green onion pancakes are cong you bing. So calling bing bread “bing bread” is kind of like saying bread bread, which is cute and kind of fun.

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